We are a team of resources built by one family, which now serves and collaborates with other families and family offices.  Momentum is built to serve families where they are today and stands ready to focus on where they go next.

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What Sets us Apart

Our Key Differentiators

Bringing simplicity into your advanced planning


Our process begins and ends with a focus on your family’s goals and needs. During the discovery phase, it's time to understand the family’s goals by talking to the family, meeting with their trusted advisors and gathering as much supporting documentation as possible.


This allows our internal experts to bring into focus their current structures and estate plans in place for the family. Once this review is completed, Momentum will then share this illustrative report with the family and its advisors to discuss the current plan and how it aligns with the family’s goals.


During the design phase of the process, Momentum will develop strategic solutions to enhance the current planning. Often this involves taking the time to answer questions and address concerns with the family on the potential solutions.


Once all questions and concerns are addressed to the family and advisors’ full satisfaction, Momentum will implement the chosen solutions ensuring that all pertinent parties are involved and informed.


Momentum continually monitors the implemented solutions to ensure they are successfully maintained. We remain as part of your team to coordinate and manage these solutions to maintain the highest level of service.