Our Goal is Simple – To Help Navigate Your Family Through the Intricacies of Advanced Planning.

About The Firm

Momentum is a team of resources curated by one family which now serves and collaborates with other families and family offices. Success for each family is different and their goals and objectives evolve over time. Momentum was built to accommodate each family on their journey at all stages of their life cycle.

Where all aspects of planning converge – tax planning, asset protection, family office structure, family governance, investment, risk management, philanthropy, and efficient wealth transfer - Momentum steps in.

One of our unique offerings at Momentum is our collaborative approach to coordinated planning. Together we create a cohesive environment that encompasses the family and the teams to support them.

We Embrace Change Our Journey

Following a major liquidity event of the family’s operating business, a member of Gen2 was looking for the best way to perpetuate his family’s wealth and legacy. He was tasked with preserving his family’s wealth in the most tax efficient manner for multiple generations.

His first focus was estate planning and specifically how to leverage insurance in the most tax efficient manner.

As the needs of the family evolved, he continued to build his team with best-in-class family office experts.

After seeing the progress he and his team had made, other families started to engage on how he started his family office. He began to trickle out his in-house expertise and Momentum was born.

Through active relationships with other families, Momentum continued to evolve as a result of what we learned through our own discovery process.

Subsequently, the team of resources continues to evolve to fit the constantly growing needs of Momentum and the Momentum network of families.

With this expanded service offering, Momentum is uniquely situated to serve families and family offices.

Momentum’s collaborative and integrated effort helps to develop custom opportunities, provide ongoing support, and create mutually beneficial outcomes.

We leverage our real experience working with our family to help you find the answers for your family.