Momentum was founded on Josh Coleman’s vision, a marriage of three elements: serving families, shared services and opportunities, and continual growth.

When Josh went to college, he already knew that he was preparing for a double career. Alongside whatever line of work he went into he had also been tapped to assist in navigating the wealth his family had generated from the sale of their highly successful telecommunications business. Josh supplemented his college work with independent study, shadowing professionals in estate planning, tax, investment management, insurance and private banking. He apprenticed with Morgan Stanley (fund of funds) and Willis Towers Watson (captive insurance companies and actuarial work).

Josh never stopped learning and growing. He grounded his growth in sharing what he had learned and the resources he commanded. Over time, the team he built to develop his tax and estate strategy evolved into Momentum Advanced Planning, a nationally recognized planning consultancy firm for affluent individuals, families and businesses. 

Josh graduated from Villanova University with a degree in finance, concentrating in financial mathematics, in 2008.